2. Perfume Expose

Perfume Expose / 2020
Cartier Jil Berenblum

Perfume Expose is a sensational blotter–a synesthetic experience–that shares the narratives of the Cartier maison.

Fragrances are an evocative expression of self. Like jewelry, they are an embodiment of one’s aura–both worn on the skin, and both born in the cradle of nature. Can we inspire Cartier clients about the significance of fragrance, and its links to jewelry and nature?

"Everything I smell brings an infinity of other things to mind - images, songs, colours. Usually, people can't pinpoint fragrance memories but for a perfumer it's simple because we have a different brain." - Mathilde Laurent Cartier Perfumer

Process: When thinking about creating a synesthetic experience, I looked to PH level papers as inspiration, finding interest in how they make the invisible visible. I started exploring ways to get a similar effect.

I came across hydrochromic and Perfume Expose became real, bringing a simple delight to the already existing experience.

Bringing a simple delight to what people already do.